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Fun & Social Home Remodeling

I get by with a little help from my friends

For sports fans hoping catch the big game: listen up. For couples looking to tackle a long overdue remodeling project, I’ve got your back. For coworkers in need of some fun away from the office, consider it done. So what am I talking about? Only the best remodeling project ever. And the contractors are free. Let me explain…

A couple of years ago, my wife’s friends and coworkers were all in need of home remodeling work. Whether it was getting rid of that 70s wallpaper or just attaching some molding in the kitchen, everyone had something they wanted done. It didn’t matter if you were a home improvement guru or just good with a paintbrush - there was a job for everyone. It’s simple but brilliant. Each person in the group decides what home improvement project they want done (within reason), and the rest of the group makes it happen. The task shouldn’t take more than 10 hours and everyone pitches in.

Here’s how it worked. On the day of the remodel, the host provided tools, materials and food. The all-day project was done very carefully and to the satisfaction of the homeowner. Ideas were shared, good times were had, and it became a bonding experience for all. Everyone brought a little bit of local knowledge to the project. It didn’t hurt that most of these remolding divas knew their way around the house and were good at problem solving. They did things right and produced quality work. Of the half-dozen remodeling projects completed, not a single complaint was registered. At least that’s what they told me. Thus, the remodeling experiment was a win-win for everyone. Coworkers had a few laughs and the homeowner checked off a belated project. I mentioned earlier that sports fans can catch the big game? That’s right, because without that remodeling project, the weekend’s wide open for one very happy sports fan.

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