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Smarter Doors Make Great Rooms Truly Great

A Great Room combines the best of traditional rooms to create one super room. For instance, sometimes the kitchen and living room are drawn together without separation of walls or doors to make a giant intertwined room. Does the mega space room trump the traditional room?

Well, for starters, these super-sized rooms are much larger in scale. On average, they use about 15% of the home’s square footage. They often have a second story loft overlooking the larger room. This type of architectural design is gaining in popularity and seems to be the wave of the future. Now, I’m not one to build walls, but don’t we need a few, once in a while?

To some, an obvious drawback to the Great Room is a lack of privacy. Others may thrive on this open space, but if you need to build in some privacy, install French doors for additional seclusion. Or try building a collection of normal rooms but make them connected with the option of a partition. Money Magazine says this alternative is less expensive than a swath of open rooms.

The celebrity chef in all of us loves the idea of a massive kitchen falling off directly to the entertainment room. This type of kitchen may be big enough to feed an army but is it practical for everyday use?

Nowadays, bigger appliances make it necessary to have ample space in the kitchen. However, if you have to roller blade from the oven to the refrigerator, then the “Dream Kitchen” may be too big. The perfect kitchen feels spacious but the essentials are close by. Plus, a smaller kitchen will save money on cabinets and countertops.

Another Great Room can be created when the porch is converted into a sunroom. This addition will often connect the living room to the sunroom. In order to keep the distinction of rooms, folding lever doors can be installed to keep the TV noise out and the dinner chatter low. The folding doors still allow the rooms to be joined whenever you want.

No question people love the space of a Great Room, but at the same time, smarter doors can be built-in to make these Great Rooms truly great.




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