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Simple Storage Solutions

To keep up with today’s fast-paced world, your life has to run efficiently, and organization is the key to efficiency. If your home is overcrowded, it is impossible to stay organized, and the disarray can subtly affect all aspects of your life. We’ve all been in the situation of rushing out the door late for an appointment, not being able to find an important item, then wasting precious time searching for it. Whether it’s your New Year’s resolution to get organized, or you’re just sick and tired of fighting the impossibility of your lack of storage, the following suggestions may help to create some lasting order in your life.

Begin with eliminating the surplus. This includes out-of-season clothes, holiday decorations, and all other items you rarely use. If you have the space and budget, consider hiring a contractor to build a backyard shed for clean, manageable storage. Or, if a shed is not the answer, build shelves and cabinets into the garage. Have your contractor add a workbench and peg-board to create a workstation as well.

If unable to build a new structure, work with what you have. Perhaps your attic can be converted into storage; perhaps the basement can accommodate shelves. Take a tour of each room of your home and evaluate how you can generate more storage in each area.

Home Office. Creating built-in wall shelves can clean up floors and desks. If the room is large enough, build a closet into one side for additional storage. If working an office into another room of the house, consider using a corner desk-unit.

Kitchen Utilities. Insert Lazy-Susan carousels into awkward space-wasting corner cabinets. Create a pan-rack from the ceiling, or display your more decorative dishes on top of your cabinets. Build shelves or install additional cabinets above your utilities for extra linen storage or cleaning supplies.

Bedrooms. Build floor-to-ceiling shelves and hanging racks in closets. Create under the bed storage by installing a bed-platform with built-in drawers. Make clean-up fun and easy for your kids by organizing their toys into color-coded plastic containers, adding wall hooks, or a investing in a bookshelf.

Bathrooms. Wall hooks, extra towel bars, or an over-the-toilet cabinet can add extra storage to your bathroom. Or, perhaps installing a new vanity cabinet would spruce up your space and add needed storage.

Mudroom. While it doesn’t sound very glorious, the addition of this room can be invaluable. Stop the dirt and clutter at the back door by creating a place for raincoats, muddy shoes, umbrellas, and even a sink for washing.

Family Room. Build a built-in entertainment center with bookshelves, cabinets for media equipment, and even a fold-out desk for a small office center.

Adding additional storage to your home will make your life easier and increase your home’s resale value. For a small investment, you can convert stale spaces into valuable storage areas. Building a garage or shed will increase the assessed value of your home as well. Take a stroll through your home today to evaluate what changes you can make. Then, call one of our pre-screened, licensed contractors to help you restore order and control in your domain.

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