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Season by Season, a Guide to Color Coordination

The end of summer is quickly approaching, and fall is in the air. Children are back in school, and the leaves are beginning to fall. Each season brings its own unique beauty and what better way to enjoy the changes than to incorporate it into your interior design?

Choosing your Color Scheme

Unless you have unlimited time, patience, and money, you probably don’t want to go so far as to repaint for each season; but this doesn’t mean you can’t still change your décor in collaboration with the changes outdoors. A reasonable compromise is to plan your interior color scheme based upon the current popular colors. Warm golds, neutrals, and browns along with airy silvers and blues are all popular right now. Choose the color that best fits each room, maintaining a congruency and flow throughout.


Now that you have your basic color scheme established, bring in the seasons with the accessories. Choose fabrics, draperies, and accent pillows that symbolize each season. Stick with warm golds and browns for fall, bring in festive colors for the holidays, and switch to deeper richer colors for winter. As spring approaches, add a cheerful touch with colorful pastels. Ring in the fun days of summer with more vibrant and bright hues.

Along with changing around your colors, accumulate a collection of decorative items that go along with each seasonal theme. These can be anything from choice pieces of art to candles. After you are through with them, pack them away in airtight, plastic containers clearly labeled for easy access. Each year, add or take away select items to stay current with the trends and styles.

Accessorizing these collections can actually be a fun project throughout the year. Just keep your eyes open as you travel or shop for fun additions to your themes.

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