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Reviving Stored Furniture

Repurposing old storage furniture is a great idea. It saves money on new furniture and is eco-friendly. These days everything seems to be made of particle board or some sort of engineered wood, so finding vintage furniture made of real wood is a treasure. In some cases, it may have been in storage for some time, just sitting there collecting dust. Bringing it back into circulation and making it usable again requires a little TLC, and maybe a fresh coat of paint.

The first thing you need to do is check its condition. Old furniture may have fallen out of style or need to be reupholstered. You may have a chair or table with a wobbly leg. Determine if it can be fixed or if the piece needs to go to a professional. If the furniture is in good shape but just needs to be cleaned, grab a damp cloth to do some surface cleaning. You want to use the least amount of chemicals to clean any kind of wood.

What a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Do

To make storage furniture usable again, try sanding the piece and painting it. Tables and chairs, china cabinets, chests of drawers, and armoires are highly sought-after pieces that can be sanded, painted, and reused in many rooms of the house. Outdoor furniture can also be reclaimed, especially if it’s wrought iron. Benches, chairs, and metal stands can be painted to match your outdoor set.

Re-Upholstery: The Right Fit = Furniture Like New

If the furniture is usable and you don’t want to make too much of a fuss restoring it, slipcovers are a great option. Old couches, chairs and recliners may look out-of-date or maybe they have a tough stain. With the right cover you’ll give new life to forgotten furniture. Slipcovers can be custom made or bought right off the rack. Re-upholstery involves cutting new fabric to match. Your old furniture may have frame damage or require a style of fabric that’s no longer available. However, if you can get the right fit, a good re-upholstery job is like getting a brand new piece of furniture.

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