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Repairing Rust Damage

What happens when water and dust collect on metal surfaces like iron or steel? Over time they form a corrosive residue known as “rust.” It affects cars, outdoor equipment, pipes, and even household appliances. But there are ways to counteract the damage done by this pesky corrosive action.

Remember that old Ben Franklin saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It comes to mind when thinking of good ways to prevent rust from occurring. Any exposed metal, whether it’s part of a car or a metal shed, should be protected with rust-prevention paint. Stopping oxidation from happening is the first rule of thumb. But if the damage is already done, follow these restoration tips to rid yourself from rust.

Rust spots on metal should be removed as soon as they are noticed. If the oxidation is left alone, corrosion will set in and only make it harder to eliminate. A common method of removal is to scrape the spots away by using some light sandpaper or wire brushes. Once the rust is gone, apply some anti-corrosive primer and paint for long-lasting protection. Rusted equipment and pipes can be lubricated with spray-on WD-40 or you can try some household products for rust removal as well.

Baking soda mixed with a little water will form a paste. Spread this on the rusted area and let it harden. When you’re ready, just scrape away the paste and the rust will come off with it. Commercial soft drinks containing citric acid take away corrosion. Soak a cloth towel in cola and rub it on the rust. This will wipe away the oxide and clean the surface. Vinegar is also a powerful agent used to restore rusted valuables. Soaking coins, silverware, and jewelry in undiluted vinegar will bring back the old shine.



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