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Remembering a Forgotten Space: The Hallway

The last frontier, the last space to get decorated, the most forgotten room in the house is usually the hallway. Here’s a space where you can really get creative and show off your designer talents.

There are many creative ideas that can help you turn that wasted space into an extension of your living areas.

  • Books. Do you have a nice collection of books? Why not consider adding built-in or stand-alone bookcases to show off your intellect?
  • Mirrors. Is your hallway dark? Adding a large mirror will reflect and disperse light, giving your hall a more open and airy feel. Hang candle sconces or wall sconces on both sides to add ambience and warmth.
  • Family Photos. Do you have boxes of family pictures hidden in the attic? Your hallway can serve as a gallery to show off your pictures; just be careful not to make it too cluttered and busy – you don’t want to overwhelm the space. A row of beautifully matted black and white photos framed in black would do the trick and add a touch of elegance.
  • Art. Perhaps you have a unique art collection but the pieces don’t fit with your décor in other rooms. Hang your collection in the hallway and use accent lighting to enhance the beauty and change the mood of the space.
  • Maps. Love to travel? How about framing and hanging a large map of your favorite place on earth; or if you own a lot of antiques, an antique map would tie in quite nicely with the rest of your home. If you want to add a seating area, an old church pew would be perfect.
  • Piano. If your hallway is wide enough, it would make a great place for your upright piano. Above the piano you could hang a nice picture of musicians or musical instruments and make it a “music” room.
  • Storage. You can NEVER have enough storage. If your hallway is spacious enough, take advantage of that space by adding storage cabinets. Leave some space above the cabinets to hang a couple of nice pieces of art and wall sconces.
  • Chest. Do you have an antique chest lying around your house? Put it in your hallway. Add a nice big bouquet of fresh flowers on top of the chest and hang a mirror just above it.
  • Collectibles. If you like to show off your collectibles, your hallway would be a great place to showcase your passion. Have a custom curio made with multiple glass shelves, back-mirrored glass, and halogen lighting. Or, purchase a console curio or wall curio to show off your treasures.
  • Architectural. Add architectural elements like an antique window frame or carved wooden appliqués.
  • Wainscoting & Paint. Add wainscoting to add character and depth. Paint the long portion of the hallway in a light shade and the wall at the end of the hall in a darker shade. This technique gives the illusion that your hallway is wider than it is.
  • Kids’ Artwork. If you have children, nothing will make them more proud than to come home one day and find their artwork framed and hung along the hallway walls.
  • Hooks. Depending on where your hallway is located, it might be a perfect place to nail up some hooks to hang scarves, umbrellas, coats, and hats. Add a storage bench or a place to put your shoes.
  • Office. If your hallway is wide it would make a great place for a computer area or office. You can use an armoire made specifically for computers so you can close it up when not in use, or find a cool vanity table at a garage sale and refinish it – hang a mirror over the desk and voila.
  • Entrance. Add plants to each side of the hallway entrance for a more inviting look.
  • Rugs. An area rug is another way to spice up your hallway and give the feeling of being a room rather than a transitory space. Neutral colors will ad an understated elegance, or you can go with something brighter and fun, as long as it ties in with the rest of your décor.
  • Lights. Lighting is an area where most hallways can be greatly improved upon. Rip out that 70’s looking dome light and replace it with a chandelier or artsy wall sconces.

There are limitless ways with which you can incorporate your hallway into the rest of your living space, all it takes is some thought and a little creativity.

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