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Reclaimed Lumber for the Nostalgic Homebuilder

Nostalgia may be a hard thing to manufacture, but Reclaimed Lumber Products is doing just fine. And for anyone who thought that a door was simply a minor detail in the design process, this collection should change your mind.

The company was started five years ago by Titus Gilliam, a seasoned contractor and veteran of the Energy Star program. Unsatisfied with the materials being used in the homebuilding industry, Gilliam took the opportunity to make his mark by creating a line of wood doors from reclaimed wood. Since all of the products use 100-percent recyclable materials, they contribute LEED points to any project.

Reclaimed wood

What I love most is that every slab of reclaimed wood varies in color and texture, making them customizable to fit homeowners’ individual needs. While aged wood might conjure up images of rustic barns and swinging bar doors, Reclaimed Lumber Products lend themselves well to any design—even contemporary.

There are four types of products to choose from:

  • Stile and rail engineered solid wood doors
  • Flush plank doors
  • Barn sliding doors
  • Reclaimed engineered wood flooring

The stile and rail engineered wood doors can be altered based on panel configuration and materials used, such as glass, copper, rusty steel, wire or wood. Flush plank doors, with their stave core frame and use of laminated closed cell foam, can help greatly with insulation. Either type of door can be combined with the proper hardware to create the barn sliding door.

Reclaimed wood doors

The reclaimed engineered wood flooring also comes with a plethora of options, from plank thickness and length to color and texture. They offer quick installation and flooring tailored to fit to any space.

With products this unique, it makes sense to pay special attention to all of your home’s “minor details.” And it’s eco-friendly—even better.

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