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Re-imagining a Small Bedroom Space

One positive side to small spaces is their challenge to our creative impulses. For large spaces you can go buy any old dresser, bed, or armoire without much thought beyond basic themes. Small bedrooms, however, require a little more avant-garde mentality. If you are tired of all the clutter and cluster, then now is the time to re-imagine your small bedroom space.

Sometimes the best way to start re-imagining anything is to strip it bare. Clean up the clutter, remove the furniture, and start with a clean slate. Your canvas is the four walls and your primary tool is an active imagination.

With the room clean, you probably find yourself focusing on two areas: the walls and the floor. If you see bold and dark colors, immediately think about change. A small bedroom should feel like it opens up when you walk into it. It should not feel like a closet. Trade in those heavy colors for cool, bright shades (although lovers of warm colors may simply prefer a cozy bedroom—it is, after all, your imagination). Essentially what you want are colors that reflect light, illuminating hues that will both relax you and create a sense of freedom.

For flooring look into brighter hardwoods, especially bamboo (bright and eco-friendly). The same goes for carpet and tile. Even for those that like a cozier atmosphere, a light-colored floor will add just a touch of brightness to those warm walls.

Speaking of light, where is it coming from? There are two main sources of light in the bedroom (candles aside): artificial and natural. In any bedroom of any size, natural light serves a beautiful purpose. The more of the outdoors you can see and feel, the less you’ll notice those nearby walls. Taking advantage of natural light or daylighting when re-imagining your small bedroom will really take the load off of the many other choice you must make.

Now think about space and storage. Re-imagining a small space usually means creating more usable space. Some quick suggestions:

  1. Consider downsizing the bed if you can handle it
  2. Mount shelves rather than accumulating desks and nightstands
  3. Use a high bed frame for storage underneath
  4. Will the dresser fit in the closet? Can the dresser be usurped by quality closet organization?
  5. Remember that clutter is inhibitive and cleanliness is godliness (or somewhere in that vicinity)

There are oodles of designs and products to help maximize space—corner shelves, window treatments, small TVs (or no TV, perish the thought!). If the bedroom is on the first floor, how about a bird feeder outside the window, bringing nature and music into the room?

Decorating and organizing a small bedroom is where imagination really comes into play. Just have fun. This is your personal space. This is where you go to bed, dream, and wake up. This is your small bedroom—re-imagined.

And if it’s the bathroom your interested in remodeling, we have small bathroom ideas as well.

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