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Raising the Roof

Here’s how the story typically goes: They’ve bought a house with an attic bedroom, but the ceiling follows the pitch of the trusses and leaves less than two feet of actual walking space down the center of the room. They already have three kids, extra space is getting scarce and they have to do something. There is a lot of potential room that can be used but there is one big impediment – they would have to raise the roof.

Raising the roof is certainly not the most common remodeling project, but it is not unheard of and is definitely one of the biggest projects a homeowner can undertake. There are some benefits. For one, there is no wasting the existing rooms and a solid foundation. Two, a raised roof can result in a totally new-feeling home with up to a 100% increase in square footage.

Such projects range from simply raising the ceilings several inches to fully installing a second floor by tearing off an old hip roof in favor of a gable end design. Regardless of the extent of the “raising,” however, it will certainly be a big project. There is no telling what may be discovered when taking a home’s hat off, so to speak. The situation described above usually takes place in older homes, which can pose problems when performing such a structurally sensitive remodel.

So here are three important items to bear in mind when preparing to raise the roof:

  1. Hidden Costs. Again, be prepared for some extra expenses. This is a huge investment which can involve every square foot of the home.
  2. Moving Out. Do not expect to live in your house for the duration of the project. You will discover quickly how uncomfortable and dangerous it can be to live without a roof.
  3. Expert Opinion, Expert Hands. Raising the roof is a very complex renovation project and one that should usually be left to professional contractors. It will be expensive but there is no cutting corners on such a job. An architect and/or structural engineer will need to be consulted as well.

There is no doubt that raising a roof is no small undertaking. Yet even in after months in a trailer, hotel room, or the in-laws house, that valuable head space or new master bedroom should be a good guide through otherwise sleepless nights.

The key is a well thought out plan and there is no better time to start than now. Get free estimates from pre-screened contractors to get the ball rolling and the roof rising.

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