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Ogata Furniture Design

Designers are a special breed. They find inspiration in the ordinary, transforming the mundane into things that most people wouldn’t have thought of. Japanese designer Kin Ichi Ogata is one such creative soul. He just came out with a fantastically original furniture line: Ogata. Here are some of his off-the-wall designs:

Ogata furniture button bench

This piece, dubbed the “button bench,” is made from a wide variety of materials, including plastic, brass, plywood, pine and leather. It may not appear to be the most comfortable piece of furniture, but it could certainly work well as a conversation-starter.

Ogata furniture mini sofa

The “mini sofa” is a combination of oak, urethane, plywood and iron. The beautifully rich colors lent by the wood bring interest to any room.

Ogata furniture design x stool

The “x stool,” on the other hand, would make most people question whether it’s cutting-edge design or just plain old trash. Made from variations of leather and suede, this may be one piece that a picture can’t do justice.

If comfort defines your furniture-buying habits, then the Ogata line may not be your cup o’ tea. But at least it opens the box wide open.

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