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The Power Napper for Sleepy Workers


Another long day at the office. If only I could take a break and come back to my computer all refreshed and motivated to do my finest work.

Enter the Nappak.

I’m sure workplace visitors wouldn’t mind if they walked in and saw me lying in what looks like a gigantic Oreo sleeve. After all, how can I be my best professional self if my personal self is neglected? Ah, I get it. This self-indulgent item is for the boss, not the worker bees.

Nappak power napper

The Nappak inflates in just a few minutes, and if angled correctly, will allow The Man to shield his shameful face, while office drones, though secretly jealous, make fun of him. Inserts with an incorporated blanket and pillow are available for each user (although you know there will only be ONE).

Nappak power napper

The Nappak is stored in this slick looking container until a napper extraordinaire is ready for launch

Nappak power napping

Excited for his session!

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