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Lighting with Personality: Chandeliers

Lighting is an important element in a home. You need adequate natural lighting to capitalize on whatever daylight is available, and attractive, energy efficient light fixtures for the evening.

Chandeliers have long been used as a center piece or to make a statement. Whether adorning a high-ceilinged foyer, or hanging gracefully over a dining room table, a chandelier can elegantly light up any space.

Available in a wide array of styles, chandeliers can be basic, elegant, or large elaborate focal pieces. Choose from pendants, single-tiered candelabra, or multi-tiered chandeliers. Chandeliers come in many finishes, including polished brass, antique brass, copper, white or black. Glass options include frosted, clear, or stained glass.

One of the most original and widely used throughout history is the crystal chandelier. Crystal chandeliers come with the prisms cut in several different beautiful cuts including tear drops, French pendants, a beautiful angel cut, a u-drop style, or strings of crystal beads. There are colorful options as well such as the Swarovski Moon-Aurora Borealis or the Australian Sun Disc.

While crystal chandeliers are timeless works of beauty, they’re not for everyone. Lamps Plus has an online showroom with many lines of chandeliers to fit every style from rustic to modern contemporary.

New lighting can be very affordable or very expensive! Chandeliers range in price from $24-$15,000. Your electrical contractor can install your light to fit any height, or move it to your desired location. Because of their many light bulbs, it is advisable to shop for a chandelier that will take low-wattage bulbs, or have your contractor install a dimmer switch. Installing recessed or other task lighting can reduce your usage of a chandelier as well. They tend to be quite bright, and work better for temporary applications. Request a free estimate today from a certified electrical contractor in your area for all of your lighting needs.

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