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Laundry Room Solutions

Laundry is an ongoing chore, like dishes, and organization is the key to getting it done and done fast. If you are looking for a fall remodeling project, let me suggest looking at that crowded catch-all laundry room. Gone are the days of the washer and dryer in the basement or crammed in a corner off the garage door entrance. Laundry rooms have always been a necessity, but today’s version is not just your grandmother’s laundry room anymore.

Today’s laundry rooms need to function in more than one capacity, often doubling as a mud room for the gardener and kids’ muddy shoes in the wet season. How about a sewing center or arts and crafts area for the kid’s homework and projects? The laundry room has even made it above the first floor, near the nursery or off the master bedroom. Most any free space could become the new laundry room, even along the hallway.

There are a few things to carefully consider when you get ready to remodel or even if you are building new.

  • Good planning. Seek help from a professional when designing a new laundry room. Plan for the room to be closest to where the dirty clothes are. If this isn’t possible, think about a laundry chute to keep from lugging the clothes from upstairs to downstairs. This would save on your back and time.
  • Install plenty of counter space. Folding the clothes in the laundry room saves having to lug it somewhere else to fold it. It also saves on the wrinkles and unnecessary ironing. That added counter space now doubles up for other projects, allowing for space at the counter that could become a desk. Add a laundry bar and save on the ironing even more.
  • Get rid of clutter. Cupboards and shelves are a must for storage of laundry supplies and for the crafts, sewing, or gardening supplies. Higher cupboards are ideal for the detergents and any chemicals and lower cupboards for the fun stuff.
  • Plan on installing a sink or small shower alongside the washer for those not-so laundry jobs, like the puppy needing a quick bath or rinsing off snow boots. Attach an extending shower head for convenience. The laundry bar could even be installed in this area to save on room.
  • Adequate lighting is a must. Track lighting gives light to specific areas. If the room is doubling as another work space, consider where the lights will need to be the most.
  • Often overlooked are washing machine hoses. These hoses are under pressure, even when not in use. If one of the hoses fails, gallons of water will flood your laundry room within minutes. Make sure you have your machine in a shower pan with a floor drain. Automatic shut-off valves are a must, as well. Consult your machine’s manufacturer and your professional builders for these two important parts of your plans.

The average family does seven to eight loads of laundry per week. Take a load off and make this chore more efficient and organized with good planning and advice from professionals.

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