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Interior and Exterior Sconce Lighting

Sconce lighting, lighting mounted on the wall, is historically one of the earliest placements of interior and exterior lighting. Originally, these fixtures were mobile so the homeowner could easily carry a candle or lantern throughout the house and simply hang them on the wall wherever the sconces were mounted. As time advanced, the sophistication of the sconce lighting improved and evolved to become the vast selection available today.

Where are sconces best used?

Ideal for accent or task lighting, interior sconce lighting is quite common to light up that dark corner, or just to add a tasteful touch of style to an otherwise lackluster wall. Use to light up a dark hallway, stairwell, or for whole room lighting. Sconce lighting is also commonly used on the exterior of buildings as well. Add a romantic glow to a balcony, light up a patio, or use to brighten a front entrance. Sconces can also be used to draw attention to a focal point, such as a piece of art.

What light sources are available in sconce lighting?

Sconces can accommodate pretty much any of the same bulbs as standard lighting fixtures, although you may want to choose the brightness of the bulb based on the purpose and location of the light. Dimmer switches can also be utilized for more flexibility. Choose from incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs tend to be the most energy efficient.

What is the appropriate height to install wall sconces?

Standard placement of wall sconces is 66-72 inches above the floor. Exceptions exist such as: if the ceiling is vaulted, or if the sconce is located in a hallway.

As with any electrical installation, it is recommended that a professional electrician install your fixtures. You get to do the fun part: choosing from a huge selection of modern, classic, and unique wall sconces.

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