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Indoor Lighting Types: A Summary

If you step into the lighting section of a home improvement store, you’ll realize just how large of a selection there is of indoor lighting. It helps to break it down a bit before you start shopping, and to have a general idea of what will fit your needs before you begin.

Lighting can be divided into three main categories: ambient, accent, and task. . Ambient lighting provides unobtrusive light and atmosphere to a room without being too obvious. An example of accent lighting would be a table lamp. Task lighting is used to directly light whatever task you are performing, and can be very energy efficient.

Interior lighting options consist of the following:

  • Recessed lighting­ is installed flush with the ceiling and works great as a sole lighting source or in combination with any of the following fixtures.
  • Pendant lighting is similar to a chandelier in that they hang suspended from the ceiling, but are normally smaller and less obtrusive. These work well over a dinette table or bar.
  • Chandeliers area timeless classic with a vast selection.
  • Task lighting typically consists of small lights that can be placed in key areas.
  • Ceiling fans, one of the original forms of air conditioning, are still widely used for air circulation.
  • Hanging fixtures can be placed anywhere you choose and come in a wide selection.
  • Free standing lamps come in both floor and table top designs.
  • Undercabinet mounts are normally small lights that mount beneath the cabinets for task lighting.
  • Track lighting is a string of lights in a row connected together.

Many light galleries market the lights in style groups to help you maintain congruency among your lighting choices. These different families of design will include everything from the more modern contemporary to traditional classics.

There are a number or bulb options available for these also:

  • Halogen: a soft, energy efficient bulb similar to natural light.
  • Florescent: still energy efficient, but brighter and more unnatural.
  • Tungsten: everyday bulbs most of us are accustomed to.
  • Incandescent: can include halogen and florescent bulbs, but generally give off a warmer glow.

Gone are the days of only polished brass or chrome finishes. You now have a vast array of finishes including: pewter, black, bronze, brushed nickel, white, and wrought iron.

Choosing your lighting can be quite rewarding as lighting fixtures represent one of the finishing touches of the project. Shop for your new electrical fixtures today, then request free estimates from certified electrical contractors.

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