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Ideas for Sprucing Up Kids’ Bedrooms

If you are scratching your head, wondering how to infuse a fresh look into your children’s bedrooms, there are as many options available for that as there are for any other room in the house.

Depending on the ages of your children, and whether they share a bedroom with a sibling, your spruce-up options will need to take those considerations into account. Here are some resources chock full of ideas and suggestions to help get you started.

Marie’s Manor of Kids Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas has great advice. Some choice tidbits include:

  • Quite often the decorating theme for the home revolves around one special piece of furniture, wallpaper border, or particular color. There’s no reason why it can’t be the same for a nursery or the children’s bedrooms.
  • Designing the ideal kid’s bedroom begins with storage, storage, and more storage! Clothes, toys, books, art materials, dress-ups, sports equipment, and board games all need separate storage facilities, and the more clearly they are defined, the greater chance there is that the child will make an attempt to return the items to the appropriate cupboard, shelf, drawer, toy box, window seat, or trundle box which slides easily under the bed.
  • Kids need their own space, too, so if it is remotely possible try to incorporate a little retreat for your child within the room - a tent or a cubby house where he or she can fade into their fantasy world.
  • Lighting is another crucial element in a child’s room. The ideal room would have a reading light by the bed, a lamp on the desk, and spotlighting for illuminating pictures, posters, or other wall decorations.
  • Children also need a full-length mirror. It helps them to acquire dress sense and is vital for developing their own awareness. If there isn’t space on the wall, fix one to the inside of a wardrobe door or side of a cupboard.

In addition to all this great, practical advice, Marie’s Manor features dozens – maybe hundreds! – of themes for children from toddler-age to teen. Well worth exploring.

The Land of Nod, the brainchild of Crate and Barrel’s founder Gordon Segal, is not only a shopping paradise for parents and grandparents, it’s a great source of good design ideas, themes, furnishings, accessories, and more. You can browse under Kids or Baby, and there’s a fun category called “Shop by Personality.” Is your child an Adventurer? An Artist? How about a Developer, a Zookeeper, a Rocker, or All-Star? These theme categories will give you lots of possibilities for things that match your child’s preferences, and you’ll have his or her room spruced up in no time.

Finally, Remodeling My Space features a photo gallery, article, and video about kids’ bedrooms. The intro to the section reads, “Just like adults, kids need to have a room that is all their own - something representative of who they are and what they enjoy. The pictures of kid’s bedrooms displayed here are full of fun decorating and remodeling ideas. Whether you are decorating a nursery for your first child or you have a son or daughter who is ready for a big boy or big girl bedroom, you’ll find great examples of kid’s bedroom theme ideas that can be used in your home.”

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