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Got Birds, Lizards, Dogs or Cats? Home Remodeling With Pets

We Americans love our pets to the degree that we make them part of our families. They persuade our choice of hobbies and share our lives and homes. Our domestic favorites, dogs and cats, share most of our common living space and are sometimes given the “run of the house.” The more exotic types, birds and fish, need only a specific portion of the home, usually confined to an aquarium or cage.

Your remodeler may accommodate a new pet or include your pet’s needs when detailing project plans. Modifications for a companion could be as simple as the addition of a pet door. For breeders and collectors, the scope and detail would be more complex, often requiring a separate building for considerations of size, noise, odor, etc.

Aquatic animals such as reptiles should be placed in areas with attention to light and temperature. Fish tanks, however, should be located for easy viewing. An aquarium recessed into a living room or bedroom wall can be a moving, living work of art and an excellent source for relaxation.

Our feathered friends can utilize aviaries of varying sizes or a freestanding perch taking up no more space than a lamp. Cats like to rest in high, secluded spots. They like to climb and scratch. In order to save draperies from being shredded and prevent collectible plates from being knocked off shelves, a perching/climbing/scratching post should be considered.

While dogs don’t generally claw at furniture, they do like to chew things, and some shed profusely. A grooming station complete with dog wash basins are, for some, ideal. Every pet is unique and so are their needs. Considerations include much more than species or breed. Size, temperament, age, and medical condition are relevant as well. Ramps are a common solution to aging canines with flexibility issues and heated mats can ease arthritic hip joints.

Both solid food and water can be set up for automatic or on demand dispensing. Built into walls or installed in cabinets, these items can save time and eliminate unsightly pet food sacks and messy water bowls. There are even “doggie tread mills” to exercise Fido, and audio tape programs that will teach your parrot Italian. Diverse and varied, the choices made all depend on your unique pet and how you desire to share your home.

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