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His and Her Nightstands

Nightstands are sort of light nighttime servants, albeit very stoic ones. They have our books ready to read before bed, they hold our alarm clocks, water glasses, and eye glasses. Nightstands localize all those necessities that facilitate a long, uninterrupted night of sleep.

Choosing his and her nightstands can be a fun project in itself. Nightstands, like end tables, seem to float effortlessly around the world of consignment, vintage, and new furniture stores. It seems like a unique model is never far off, although finding a matching pair may require a bit more legwork. But who says his and her nightstands have to match?

Perhaps he would prefer a sleeve built in to the side for remote controls. Perhaps she would like a hook or slot for a night mask. One may prefer drawers for the emptying of pockets after a long day, the other open shelves for easy access to books.

Finding a matching pair is considerably easier. There are plenty of styles as well, from cottage style to vintage to sleek and modern designs. From very simple, drawerless models to colorful and intricate, marble-top styles. To really personalize the two nightstands, simply purchase some unfinished wood stands and paint or otherwise decorate them. Nightstands can be found in an array of materials ranging from more inexpensive pressboard (even plastic) to high-end glass, wood, and metal.

Because nightstands come in so many styles, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a set that matches the bed (and that he and she can agree upon). Or if purchasing a bed, there’s no better time to consider matching nightstands as well. Nightstands have come a long way for one of the more unsung pieces of furniture in the home, especially when you consider that they were originally designed to hold chamber pots (leave that to his nightstand).

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