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Should I Hire a Design-Build Team?

How important is a design-build team in today’s remodeling climate?

Think about it this way. Many different professionals may need to be involved in a large project, but too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the dish. Architects, interior designers, contractors, plumbers and electricians are knowledgeable and skilled, but how well these individuals work together can mean the difference between a smooth project and a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

How do you ensure your project makes a seamless transition from design to execution to completion? Hire a design-build team to take the lead. These will often consist of various professionals all working together in one team or company.

The benefits of a design-build team (versus hiring individual professionals):

  • Budget—Architects and designers talk a lot about your “dream” home, but little thought is given to budget restrictions until it comes time for the contractor to bid the work. A design-build team will take a more holistic approach, creating a project that they can build within known budget constraints. And by hiring one team to control all phases of the project, the homeowner usually saves money over hiring individuals from separate companies.
  • DesignConversely, without a design expert on the scene, many contractors will not be able to provide the desired results in a remodeling project. A design-build team will have design and construction professionals collaborating from start to finish, ensuring the proper design is in place and that it’s executed well, too.
  • SpeedProjects are often delayed by hiccups in the plan. A design is drawn, construction is started and then a problem arises, sending the plan back to the designer to be rethought and resubmitted. With a design-build crew, these issues can be dealt with immediately by professionals operating as one team.
  • Management—It’s great to see talented professionals getting their hands dirty and making progress on your home improvement project, but with a design-build team also comes a project manager, who oversees all different aspects of the project to ensure cohesion, collaboration and swift progress throughout.

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