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Hilarious Wacky Power Tools

I would say that some people have too much time on their hands, but hell, if it weren’t for extra time, we might not have such invaluable gems as the George Foreman Grill or anything that the late, great Billy Mays loved to peddle so much. Nothing illustrates the creative goofiness of the human mind like the combination of power tools and personality.

You may not find these wacky power tools on late night TV. Indeed, these are more likely to come with an “As Seen at Your Local Trade Show” sticker, where, I dare say, they must have been wildly popular among contractors and construction nuts.

Hilarious wacky power tools

The Drill-Powered Bike - This is truly clever! A bike (with a tool chest for a seat) that runs off the power of an 18-volt DeWalt power drill. Watch the video and believe.

Hilarious wacky power tools

The Pizza-Pro 3000 - Okay, so this isn’t technically a power tool. In fact, its just a pizza cutter. A pizza cutter that happens to look like a circular saw! Perhaps a small motor is in order here.

Hilarious wacky power tools

Nail Machine Gun? - You’ve got to see this one to believe it. It is an 18-volt DeWalt-inspired machine gun that can drive a nail into a 2x4 at 200 yards. Now you can build a fence for every neighbor on your street without leaving your front porch… just make sure your employees (the poor saps holding the boards up) are well-insured.

Hilarious wacky power tools

Laser Guided Garage Door System - Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers movies had a certain love for things “with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.” So, apparently, do the makers of wacky tools. Now you can buy a laser-equipped motion detector that will sense you pulling the car into the garage. Two laser beams immediately light up to guide you in straightly. Whew! That was a close one!

Please let us know if you’ve come across a laser-guided carpenter’s pencil, a coffee mug with a homing beacon attached (would be really useful for me), or any other wacky power or powerless tool on your travels through the job site, shopping mall or Interweb.

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