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How to Find Hidden Storage Space

Trying to find extra storage space around the house isn’t easy. We can build shelving, add cabinets in the garage, and store Christmas decorations under the bed, but it’s never enough. We always find more things we need to store. The good news is there are hidden areas around the home that we tend to overlook. These spaces can be tapped into for storing all kinds of treasures. Let’s explore how to turn wasted space into storage space.

Multitasking Furniture

Murphy beds and coffee tables are a great example of multitasking furniture. I’ve found many coffee tables that open up and offer enough space for storing magazines, games and the TV remote controls. But my favorite multitasking furniture piece by far is this hidden sliding bathroom mirror.

Rediscovering the Attic

If you have a roof pitch, you have an attic or crawl space. You might not be able to stand up in there, but there’s plenty of unused space to store boxes. Your ceiling most likely wasn’t built as a load-bearing floor, so you’ll need to reinforce it by lying plywood over the joists and distributing weight. And it can get extremely hot and cold in the attic space, so don’t store photo collections or artwork up there. Keep clothes in vacuum-sealed bags and enclose anything sensitive to high temperatures and insects. It’s a great place to store things – just make sure to use good judgment.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

When you buy bookcases, make sure to take advantage of that wasted vertical wall space by buying the tallest bookcase or shelving unit that you can manage. Think about the yards of unused storage against your walls.

Hidden Space between Walls

If you’ve ever noticed bathrooms with recessed toilet paper dispensers, then you’re aware of the hidden space between walls. That same available space is everywhere. There are two-by-four studs behind the drywall with ample space between them for hiding cash, sensitive paperwork, jewelry or your grandmother’s silver. It’s best to hire a contractor who can assess the walls and locate wiring and pipes. But check out the picture below – endless storage possibilities.

Whether you opt for multifunctional furniture, taller bookcases, maximized attic space or storing treasures behind walls, you’re now equipped with strategic ideas to organize your home. So get moving!

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