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From Ceiling to Floor, Building a Healthy Nursery or Playroom Environment

All new parents are initially overwhelmed with the tremendous responsibility of having a child; and we all want to be as well prepared as possible. Ensuring your child has a healthy, safe nursery or playroom helps alleviate some of that worry.Working from the ceiling down, this article will begin with lighting and move on to the walls, flooring, and of course, the indispensable extras every room should have.

You want your child to spend their time in a bright, cheerful environment.This is where lighting plays an integral role. In addition to using lamps and overhead fixtures, we suggest making the most of natural light. Here are some examples.

Install new windows that are double-paned, energy efficient, and strategically placed to optimize sun exposure.

On older windows, a draft-dodger (a long fabric tube) can be placed along the edges to reduce cold-air.

If your room doesn’t have ample window space, consider adding a skylight, or solar tube with flared edges, which are both cut into the ceiling. This allows natural light in, as well as saves on energy.

Next, consider your walls. If you’re very concerned about a healthy environment, don’t overlook what is inside your wall. There are alternatives to fiberglass insulation, which is treated with formaldehydes, such as cotton batts (made from denim scraps) or homasote fiber board (made primarily of 100 percent recycled paper). Continuing with the theme of a healthy environment, there are many different options available for wall-coverings. Here are a few to you get started.

Look for paints that are low in synthetic toxins

Consider alternatives such as clay earth plaster,non-vinyl wall-papers made from earth-friendly materials, or cork wall-coverings.

Additionally, don’t overlook sharp or abrupt corners. Your contractor can easily change square corners to bull-nosed (rounded) corners.

If installing new wiring, have your electrician install all outlets out of baby’s reach. Have your contractor test existing outlets for faulty wiring, and cover them with protective covers. To help keep parents and baby safe and occupied, you might also consider including a phone-line, cable port, etc.

Your floor is perhaps the most important part of the room as your child will spend much of his or her developmental time there. Babies fall regularly when learning to crawl, climb, and walk, and the more padded the flooring the better. There are many eco-friendly flooring options to choose from. Recycled hardwoods, bamboo, cork, linoleum, and recycled rubber are just a few available.

Finally, depending on your budget, spend some time choosing fun and practical extras. Out suggestions include:

Installing a ceiling fan to optimize both A/C and heating energy.

Adding camera monitors for additional security.

Installing surround sound and a media system to optimize your child’s learning experience.

Choosing the right professionals will help to minimize your stress and ensure your project is as exciting as your new addition. Check for our certified remodeling contractors in your area who will be more than happy to give you free estimates.

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