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Hardwood Ceilings, A Fantastic Way to Update the Ceiling

If you’re looking for a new
idea that’s completely different, think about installing hardwood ceilings. You
can cover up that old
popcorn ceiling
with hardwood paneling to give your ceiling a cottage look.
If you have a drop ceiling, even better, just remove the panels and then attach
hardwood planks to the metal framing. This is a fantastic way to update the

In the past, these types of
installations required heavy man hours and multiple carpenters to get the job
done correctly. The latest
works systems can give you a new ceiling in about 8 to 12 hours. It’s a good do-it-yourself project too, but make
certain your ceiling is flat and smooth, otherwise the planks won’t adhere
correctly. You’ll need some basic tools like a caulk gun, galvanized screws,
sand paper, a jig saw, and colored caulk to match the wood planks.

Using tongue and groove, install the planks in
sets of three. Loosely assemble them on the floor and cover the back of the
planks with glue. Once that’s done attach them to the ceiling. Press the wood firmly
into the ceiling and secure with wood screws. Continue this over and over until
the first row is complete. Caulk all screw holes and wipe away the excess caulk
with a damp rag.

Incorporated with a ceiling fan and recessed
lighting, you can literally change a room overnight.
From the
classic barn style of exposed stained beams to a standard drop ceiling of mixed
different colors and tones. No matter which approach works best, hardwood ceilings
create a rustic and warm atmosphere to the home.




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