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Hardware in Every Room, Because the Little Things Count

Each home is a testament to its owner’s tastes, preferences and interests, and it’s the details that make it so. Whether you’re building new, adding a room, or pursuing a simple face lift to a kitchen or bath, hardware is a detail which merits careful consideration.

As with all details, hardware accomplishes needs of both form and function. While a specific appearance may be desirable, competent performance is essential. Generally, it is the project budget that determines the degree of unique, lavish, or durable your product will be. Imagine a doorknob in the center, rather than the usual position at the door’s edge. An otherwise functioning hardware necessity becomes an artistic statement.

At the other end of the spectrum is invisibility – cabinet doors without knobs and with completely concealed hinges offer simple, clean lines and allow rich hardwoods an

unblemished presentation. How you choose to mix the ratio of appearance to performance can be constrained by more than just dollars.

If matching existing hardware or adhering to a specific theme is your goal, choices are more limited. If along with a face lift you wish to eliminate those sticking, combative cabinet drawers or bathroom privacy locks that fail at inopportune moments, quality “glide” hardware for drawers and trusted brand name lock sets can be investments that pay huge dividends in peace of mind. No matter how decorative or unique a door, drawer, or window appears, sticking instead of effortless smooth function usually equals dissatisfaction.

Today, there is an enormous variety of products readily available at most any home improvement center. With the introduction of voice control, fingerprint imaging locks, and security hardware, how you open the door or illuminate a room seems only limited to one’s budget and imagination.

In an age where your fingerprint can unlock a door and your voice can trigger lights and appliances, a door still needs hinges as well as knobs and cabinets need to function effortlessly. The details depend on quality hardware to add your personal touch to your home – because it’s the little things that count.

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