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Green & Trendy: Creative Ideas for Going Vintage

Before the modern age of artificial products and mass production, homes and furniture were handmade from more natural materials. There were fewer chemical adhesives and stains, and homes were generally healthier. In addition, when you use vintage pieces, you bow out of buying something new, and potentially save usable material from entering the waste stream. Thus, we can reach the assumption that vintage is actually green, and there are many creative ways to incorporate more vintage styles into your home. Vintage and green are both “in” right now, so why not bring a little modern “vintage” style to your home?

Try going back to the basics. Install natural wood flooring or paneling on your walls and ceilings. Beadboard, raised panels, and tongue and groove are just three timeless designs. How about wallpaper? Healthier than paint, wallpaper can be very era-specific, and is a great accent throughout your house. Vintage can also include linoleum and other products from yesteryear. Natural stone is very popular in kitchens and bathrooms, and is a strong, lasting alternative to carpet.

Older homes also didn’t have the expensive HVAC systems we use today. Try the old-fashioned method of ceiling fans and wood stoves. Opening windows, installing shutters, and planting shade trees are all methods our grandparents employed for energy control within their homes.

Nothing is greener than recycling products. You can even call it a “vintage practice.” My grandmother saved and reused almost everything, from rubber-bands to tin cans that she converted into beautiful picture frames and doll-house furniture. Look for ways to incorporate older art and decorative items into your d├ęcor. Reclaimed furniture is another vintage-green approach. While not all of the designs are vintage, many are made to replicate past designs. Kick-out artificial plastics, and bring back the solid pottery and glass of the past. How tacky are artificial plants anyway? Provide clean air with the addition of some lush, live greenery.

Whether you prefer to go vintage in the entire interior of your home, or simply want to add a well-placed accent piece, vintage design is trendy and eco-friendly at the same time. Request free estimates from prescreened remodeling contractors to complete your renovations.

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