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Affordable Green Shelving, Cubes and Tables

Whatever situation of life you’re in, you’re probably going to need shelving for storing stuff—from books to knick-knacks to you-name-it. For such a common need, it’s important to have something that is not only functional, but also eco-friendly, and why not make it elegant, too?

These are the simple concepts behind the design of Way Basics, an earth-loving company whose specialty is just that—basic furniture. “Basic” doesn’t mean “ugly.” In fact, their concept of basic is actually quite beautiful. Take a look at their products.

Cubes - Simple Functionality

Spinning cubes

Three spinning cubes, $69

One of the company’s trademark products is their cube. Simple? Absolutely. Functional? Without a doubt. The product is simply a cube-shaped configuration with one side open for storage. The cubes come in an array of colors and wood species.

Modular cubes

Six Modular Cubes, $104

Shelves – Simple Storage Power

Green storage

Building on the cube concept are the company’s shelves. The same simplicity characterizes these pieces of furniture. From a design perspective, they are nothing more than stacked cubes. From a functional perspective, it’s double—or triple—the storage power. The cube-stacked shelves come in double and triple formations, or in a rectangular configuration.

Coffee Tables – Mod Design

Coffee table

Coffee Table in espresso, $88

Way Basic’s coffee tables are totally simple, too. But the simplicity belies an elegant design. The legs of the coffee tables are angled at a point that adds the flair of today’s design without compromising the usefulness of the furniture.

End Tables – Sturdy Durability

Square table

Square Table in natural, $44

The end tables share in the design concept of the coffee table. Again, using a variation on the traditional theme of end table legs, these end tables use a unique formation that bespeaks the company’s mantra-design—simplicity and beauty. The added durability gives these tables something to boast about for a long time. End tables come in the familiar square configuration that contributes to the cube concept so popular with Way Simple products.

Costs are How Low?

Coming from such a trendy and cutting-edge design firm, this furniture may seem expensive. The best part about it is the reverse sticker shock in regard to pricing. Each product is priced competitively low—helping you to live simply, beautifully, and inexpensively.

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