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Gothic Inspiration

Gothic design was the first true ecclesiastical style, symbolic of the Catholic Church’s triumph over pagan Europe. The period was influenced by Roman and Medieval architecture. While its initial design was from 1150 to 1550, the style experienced a revival in the 19th century through Victorian design. Contrary to popular belief, a true Gothic style has little to do with skulls and such. The style is actually a blend of spiritual and secular fashions. While expensive, Gothic design is quite popular and impressive.

Gothic style architecture displays pointed arches, stained glass in complex trefoil designs, exposed, wooden beams, large, imposing fireplaces, and candle lighting, thus completing the ecclesiastical style. It has a strong vertical influence, supported by the high arches and peaks of the architecture. Light is an important element, and expansive windows are common in this style.

Gothic furniture is massive and oak. It is adorned with Gothic motifs, such as gargoyles. The chairs, bed frames, and cabinets are sturdy and follow through with arches and spiral-turned legs. Upholstery is in dark colors. Old church type furniture such as pews, benches, and trestle tables will finish the look to this style. There are plenty of Victorian gothic reproductions and Arts and Crafts style furniture that can be used as alternatives for furnishings.

Color in Gothic style is very rich and dark, using purple, ruby, black, ochre, forest green, and gold to complement heavy furniture. A true Gothic style is about the color of the room and not the walls. Walls were usually of stone and colors reflected the stone. Selecting blue or gray for the walls may be the best bet for your decorating needs if you are unable to use faux stone for a realistic appearance. You could also use wallpaper with ornate and heavy patterns showcasing flowers and foliage. Embellish the rooms with wall hangings, especially tapestries displaying daily life of the times.

Stained glass is significant and should be accented with pewter or wrought iron. Stained glass windows provide privacy and allow natural light into the room. They can be energy efficient when installed properly. They can be costly, but you have the option of creating your own stained glass. Consult a professional with design and know-how.

To accent a room, use rich fabrics, like velvets and brocades for bedding, curtains, and pillows. The right fabrics will simply make the room stunning. Fabrics can be pricey; using them in moderation is well worth it. Accent the room with other items like suits of armor, candles, spiritual statuettes, and cornices. Rugs over wood or stone flooring add to the final touch of the room. If you are not able to have wood or stone, there are realistic laminate floors for the wood or stone appearance that will work nicely.

As I have stated, this style can be rather expensive, but if this is what you are going for, the effect can be truly awesome. Consult a professional for design help and any remodel changes that may be needed in creating your stunning Gothic Style room or home.

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