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Glass Garage Doors: Bringing the Outdoors In

Another somewhat odd trend is rising in the remodeling industry as homeowners continue to blur the lines between outside and in. Clear garage doors are popping up in neighborhoods and on businesses across the nation, furthering the modern notion that natural light trumps artificial.

The idea is not so unusual to urban businesses, many of which have long used clear doors as a way to easily open up their storefront to shoppers. Yet the movement, which adds a pleasant, bright, and modern touch, is still a bit foreign in the residential market.

Perhaps because more garages are being used as game rooms, parlors, and “hang outs.” Perhaps because dark and dingy corners are “out” this year. Perhaps because working under sterile, bug-filled fluorescent lighting is no fun and getting expensive. Whatever the reason, glass garage doors—which are typically made from several panes of glass separated in a grid pattern—are brightening up more garages than ever.

The main reason glass doors haven’t sprung up sooner in American neighborhoods is privacy issues and possibly a bit of humility. Sometimes you don’t want the whole town clearly seeing piles and stacks of unused junk strewn about the garage. Although many homeowners address this problem by using frosted or obscured glass.

What’s even more amazing is that the trend is not limited to garages alone.

In a growing number of cases glass garage doors are replacing sliding glass doors as a means to bring the outdoors directly into the living space, essentially turning the living room into a temporary patio. Homeowners—especially those in relatively bug-free areas—are jumping at the idea of doors and windows that simply slide up for wide, easy and breezy access to outdoor decks, pools, patios, and landscape.

As you can imagine, a glass garage door is quite heavy but they are counterbalanced to make lifting easy. Glass garage doors usually combine aluminum and strong tempered glass. Aluminum shutters can also be incorporated into the design for protection against wind, rain, and other elemental threats.

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