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5 Festive Winter Decorating Ideas

Decorating the house for the holidays is always fun, but I’m more impressed by people who redecorate their homes for the season. There isn’t so much pressure to take it all down once the New Year’s toasts are finished. Winter decorating can take you all the way into March and give your home a cozy, classical look.

#1 – Wreaths

Instead of holiday wreaths that feature Santa, snowmen, candy canes and poinsettias, replace the wreaths on your front and interior doors with more elegant spheres laden with sprigs of real greenery and winter blooms. Holly and boxwood boughs make beautiful arrangements, punctuated with bursts of red berries, pine cones, acorns or pheasant feathers. For a bit of aroma therapy, you can add fresh leaves from sage, rosemary, lavender or other fragrant herb plants.

#2 - Wraps

When winter comes, you can turn up the heat (and the energy bills) in order to stay warm, or you can cozy up under quilts and afghans with a beautiful winter motif. When cold weather embraces our area, I like to decorate the beds and couches with elegant quilts and handmade afghans. The best ones are green and red, blue and white (traditional winter colors), or ones that have patterns alluding to snowflakes, pine trees or woodland animals like deer and bears.

#3 - Wardrobes

Don’t forget that winter also means a changing of the garb. Most seasonal wardrobe changes include packing up the shorts and T’s and getting out the sweaters and warm pants. Unfortunately, the winter wear takes up far more space than the summer sheaths you’re shipping down to the basement. In an effort to make the closet still functional, you can hang the pants, but find some nice shelving to stack up your sweaters. The shelves don’t have to be in the closet - they can be in the bedroom or even the hallway. Just be sure to fold them nicely so they don’t detract from the rest of your décor. They should enhance the room with bursts of color and eye-pleasing textures.

#4 - Wicks

I’m not sure if they’ll actually help heat your home, but setting candles out during winter can definitely warm your spirits. For the most elegant winter candle displays, make a new centerpiece for your tables. This may be the simplest decorating-do ever. Just take a nice silver or decorative platter and put it in the center of your table. Then, place several candles on the platter. The more diverse, the better. Put out pillar candles, tapered candles, votives, etc. They can sit alone or you can dress up the platter with polished stones, berries or boughs.

#5 – White

Nothing says winter like a whole ‘lotta white. Especially if you’re longing to look out the windows and see sheets of snow, it’s exciting to see large expanses of colorless décor to remind you of Frosty’s winter visit. Replace your tablecloths, linen napkins and even dinnerware with crisp, white pieces. The white will open up your rooms, making them look more spacious, but can also make it all look cleaner, more wintry and send holiday shivers down your spine.

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