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Feng Shui and Your Home Remodeling Project

Feng Shui, wind and water, is the ancient Chinese practice of placement to achieve a harmonious, relaxing environment. “Feng” means “wind” and “shui” means “water” (pronounced fung-shway). In Chinese culture, gentle wind and clear water have always been associated with good harvest and good health, thus “good feng shui” came to mean good livelihood and fortune, while “bad feng shui” came to mean hardship and misfortune. Supporters of Feng Shui believe incorporating the practice into your life has a positive effect on health, wealth, and personal relationships.

So how can you incorporate Feng Shui into your remodel project? It helps to picture examples of how Feng Shui works. Have you ever been in a really nice restaurant, or stayed in a hotel where the environment felt perfectly relaxing? Chances are these locations were expertly designed for optimum relaxation and enjoyment. Achieving this atmosphere includes a combination of architectural design: furniture placement, color choices, and lighting. Additionally, a clean, organized space is important for maintaining Feng Shui.

Feng Shui in Bedrooms. Begin with making soothing color choices in your room to create a relaxing environment. Continue the harmonious theme by adding different levels of lighting. This can be created by utilizing natural light during the day, and adding soft light for relaxation in the evening hours. Dimmer switches can be added for lighting control as well. Make sure your rooms are well ventilated; oxygen is a key element in achieving a Feng Shui environment. Stale and polluted air quality is not conducive to a restorative environment. Finally, good storage and organization are imperative to maintaining a Feng Shui bedroom. Whatever your intention for the room, the idea is to create an environment conducive to rest, relaxation, pleasure, and rejuvenation.

Feng Shui in Bathrooms. Feng Shui can be hard to achieve in the bathroom, but it is definitely possible. Cleanliness, convenience, and comfort are all a part of a Feng Shui environment. Removing out-dated fixtures, old flooring, and difficult-to-clean surfaces can help to achieve this. Again, install good ventilation and lighting, and choose warm color choices. A place for bathing and personal care, make sure your temperature control is kept at a comfortable level.

Feng Shui in the Family Room and Kitchen. Overcrowded spaces are bad Feng Shui. Evaluate your main living areas, the kitchen and family room, and consider what changes are necessary. Do you have adequate storage space for family activities? What about workspace? Perhaps, an addition is necessary, or removal of a wall. The kitchen is especially important to achieving Feng Shui, as preparing healthy food is essential to good health. A clean, organized, well-lighted workspace will make your time more enjoyable in the kitchen as you prepare healthy meals for your family.

Because of its focus on health, wealth, and happiness, Feng Shui is a popular choice for designers and homeowners. You can work with a contractor to remove the obstacles in your home, then create your own Feng Shui environment. If “home is where the heart is,” then make yours as pleasant and harmonious as possible.


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