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Family Home Design

Your family is active, living life to the fullest. This includes spending a lot of time in your home. Do you find yourself stretched thin trying to keep your home from feeling like an over-crowded daycare? Maybe it’s time to remodel your home so it is functional, organized, and more conducive to a pleasant environment for your active brood.

Kids Rooms. Rather than having a nightmare for cleanliness on your hands, some simple alterations can create an achievable system for your kids to tackle. Anyone who has children knows it can be difficult to keep the peace when kids are sharing a small space. Perhaps you should add an additional room, enlarge the present one, or build larger closets. Add some organizers, bookshelves, and even a laundry shoot so their clothes occasionally make it to the hamper. Install a bunk-bed unit, complete with drawers and a desk, to free up floor space. If you have older children, converting a large attic into a cozy loft can be another solution that will add square footage to your home at the same time.

Kitchen. No matter how busy your family, the kitchen is always a hub of activity. To avoid tripping over each other around meal preparation, a spacious kitchen is the most desirable. If you have ample space to work with, a bar or desk unit provides a spot for children to color or work on homework while you’re occupied.

Large Family Room. A large family room is a necessity. Quality family time is important, and the central location for that time should be comfortable and accommodating. If floor space is a problem, install a built-in entertainment center complete with bookshelves. Add a fireplace in the center for warmth and atmosphere. Furnish your room with attractive, durable furniture, but leave plenty of floor space for the kids to play. Install natural lighting, such as a skylight or recessed lighting, for a bright cheerful environment.

Game room. If you have that wonderful “bonus” room, or unfinished basement, consider adding a game room, or home theater. What better place for family time, or for your kids to spend time with their friends, than a comfortable game room? After a hectic work-week, movie night can be a relaxing way to spend some quality family time. Planning the game room can be a fun project for the whole family. Get everyone involved and use your home design ideas to create a place you’ll all love to spend time in.

Plenty of bathrooms. Bathrooms are an important part of a family home; the more the merrier. Have fun with the master bath; create your own little sanctuary that’s off limits to the kids. Include a Jacuzzi tub and dual sinks. Add a romantic twist and include a decorative fireplace, available in gas and electric models.

Finally, just because you have a family, it doesn’t mean you’re limited to brown carpet, durable furniture, and no decorations. Many durable, beautiful carpets are available, as are wood-floor options. Utilize your walls, add some decorative mouldings, or display ledges. Call one of our contractors in your area today to discuss your ideas for re-creating your home. Make your domain one that your family enjoys coming home to.


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