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Make Your Existing Space Look like a Brand New Addition

It all starts with a clean slate. If you want your existing space to look like a brand new addition, then start by taking out the old stuff. Four walls, a floor, and a ceiling are good canvasses to start with as you begin the reinventing process.

New Surfaces

If the room or living space is to look as good as new, then some fundamental changes must be made; and the fundamentals of interior design are laid down on new surfaces. It could be a new coat of paint, new tile or hardwood floors, or a new orange peel textured ceiling. If a simple coat of paint is just too plain for a brand new addition then there are several more decorative applications available, from faux paint finishes to new paneling and wallpaper designs to wainscoting and many more.

For a new look on the ceiling, MDF tongue-and-groove wood paneling gives the look of exposed pine, but is much more affordable. For walls, you can find full 4’x8’ panels to achieve a more cottage-style feel for the new faux addition. Ceiling boards will be six inches wide and both are pre-primed and ready to paint or stain.

Whatever the choices in new surfaces, when applied, the existing space will already begin to look like a brand new addition.

New Openings

There‚Äôs no better way to open up a living space and give it a new look inside and out then to let some natural light in. New additions stand out whether you are standing in the room or out in the backyard. If you want your “brand new addition” to get noticed coming up the drive, then a new window or two is essential.

The great thing about remodeling existing space is that you save on siding and exterior framing, but that doesn’t mean it has to look the same from the outside. Cutting windows in can be a heavy duty job, but is not necessarily that difficult or expensive—much depends on the amount and style of windows. Inserting a sliding glass door and a deck or patio will really transform the space. There are several types of windows to choose from.

New Stuff

After new surfaces and windows have been taken care of, it’s time to fill the room back up. While some old stuff can come back, if the space is to look brand new, then some new furniture and decor is vital. The ideas here are near limitless. The only limits are personal taste and imagination. Ideas include everything from colored chandeliers to a new home theater system.

Making your existing space look like a brand new addition is in its essence about remodeling from head to toe. While you’re not exactly adding anything on to your home, you are transforming what is already there into a new model.

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