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The Elements of a Dream Home

From the time you are a small child you start formulating the dreams of what you hope to accomplish “when I grow up.” Those dreams change as you mature and change with the world around you. By the time you enter the workforce and begin taking on the responsibilities of supporting yourself, your dreams take on a more practical nature. Oh, how far we come from “I want to be a professional baseball player” to “I want to own a house, have two children, and retire at 55”!

Although the responsibilities of life give us a more realistic nature, it doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming. And when you finally get the chance to pursue some of those dreams, go after them full throttle! Anyone who’s rented or lived in a small, outdated home probably has a long list of “must haves” for their dream home someday. One of the most defining elements of a dream home is the realization of your dreams.

If you haven’t started it already, begin your dream list of features, conveniences, and styles you would love to have someday. Whether through remodeling or constructing something from scratch, believe you can gradually reach at least a few of those dreams. A list will allow you to prioritize which features are most important to you.

Unless finances are no problem, most homeowners are always restricted somewhat by a budget. That doesn’t mean that over time you can’t achieve many of the items on your list. If your dream is to create the ultimate master suite, convert it one step at a time.

Prioritize your life. Look for ways to pinch and scrimp, and begin saving to accomplish some of those dreams. Then, chip away at the projects one at a time. Skip the big vacation this year, and install the Jacuzzi instead. After all, why not invest in something that will bring enjoyment all year round? Even if you can’t tackle everything on your list right away, keep your spirits up by doing whatever you can, such as repainting or replacing the window treatments in a room.

Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean dreams have to cease. Request free estimates from prescreened remodeling contractors and begin to realize some of those long-anticipated dreams.

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