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Display the Story of Family Heirlooms

There is something magical about holding something that belonged to your great-grandmother and that has been passed down to you. You treasure it, imagine her holding it and what point she was at in her life, and feel a twinge of sadness as you think about the passage of time. Family heirlooms are so much more than a material possession, and that is why some people go to great lengths to preserve, protect, and display them.

I remember visiting my great-grandmother when I was a child and noticing her curio cabinet with delicate china figurines. I was drawn to the elegant dolls and naturally wanted to play with them. Those priceless antiques had been in her family for hundreds of years, and she had them glued to the cabinet to protect them from breaking in the event of an earthquake. Even as a child, I was able to grasp the concept of protecting them once it was explained to me. My grandfather took family heirlooms very seriously also. When he built his new house, he had a special room created just for the purpose of displaying them.

Family heirlooms are priceless and no matter what their original or current monetary value, the true value lies in the memories associated with the item. The pink cream and sugar bowls I received for my wedding are the only items I have that were my grandmother’s. She died when I was four, and it is special to me to have them as a reminder of her.

So if your heirlooms are boxed away in the depths of an attic or basement, it’s time to pull them away from the dangers of mildew, insects, fire, and rodents. Proudly display them in safe locations around your home. If you need special shelves or display cases built, take the time to do so. They may seem insignificant to you, but think how valuable they will be to your descendents. Take a few moments to write down what you know about the pieces while you’re at it. Be sure the story is passed down with the heirloom.

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