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5 Cool Design Tools for Home Remodeling

You may not be a professional interior designer, but you still have a penchant for great design and a desire to do what you want with your home. Now, how do you get those great ideas out of your head and onto the walls? Here are 5 simple online programs to get you started.


They call themselves “the world’s most realistic home design tool,” which might be a bit of an overstatement, but for the non-techy wanting to do a cool home makeover, check out this quick, easy and cheap ($2.95 a month) online program. They offer an incredible furniture variety, allow you to move room by room and even help you do your landscaping.


Arrange a room remodeling tool

It’s not too hi-tech, but it does the job. This online program is by Better Homes and Gardens. It too allows you to choose colors, carpet, windows, furniture and accessories with a very helpful toolbox and some great design tips. At free, the price is just right.

BBC Homes

BBC homes remodeling tool

It’s very simple, but it has some cool options and an easy-to-learn interface. This home design tool from BBC is a quick and simple way to spice up any room in the house.

Google SketchUp

Google sketchup remodeling tool

As the King of Cool Programs, Google has this neat program that lets you draw, sketch, design and brainstorm just about anything. It has enough technical stuff to please the perfectionist, but is simple enough for anyone to learn. The Pro version even allows you to export projects to a CAD program.

Design a Room

Design a room remodeling tool

This is also a free room design program, but is a bit too restrictive for most preferences. Besides small pictures and few options, it’s mostly a floor design tool. However, for a quick, easy, and convenient look at some design options, it’s a great choice.

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