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Designing for a Room with a View

If you’re lucky enough to decorate a room with a great view to the outdoors, the positioning of your furniture is of the utmost importance. The ideal scenario is to retain as much of the view as possible, as well as the natural light it affords. Sometimes it sounds easier than it is, though, depending on the size and layout of the space. Whether you’re dealing with floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, or even a smaller window offering a lovely peak at nature, consider not-so-obvious placement for your sofa or bed to make the most of the room.

When working with large windows, the easy solution is to place the sofa or bed directly opposite to maximize the view. My living room looks out over the ocean, and I’ve arranged my sofa and reading chair for the best look at the beautiful scene.

While that was an easy decision, my small guest room/home office was another story. A slice of the bay is visible through a door leading to the deck, which I wanted to afford to overnight guests and myself while I was working at my desk. I considered treating the room the same as I had the living room view, by placing the bed – or the desk—directly opposite the window. But I hated the idea of making the room look cramped and less attractive on the inside just so the bay could be seen at all times. Instead, I put the bed on one side of the room and the desk on the other, and found the placement to be a worthy compromise. The space looked roomier, and neither my workspace nor the tiny bed became an obstacle or the focal point – the view did.

Room with a view

I also considered the functionality of the room. In my smallish space, the rooms have to multi-task. The view wouldn’t matter if I couldn’t comfortably do my work. To that end, I kept the room sparse but colorful and light. Other than the bed and desk, there’s just a small night table and a beautiful shiny trunk for storing the linens. Mirrors opposite the window create a double image of the view I wanted to preserve.

You never know until you try, and non-traditional placement of furniture can give a room a fresh vibe. Assess your view, measure the room, select the most important pieces of furniture, and try them in different places until you get the look you want. With a little creativity, you’ll probably find a solution to make the most of your view, and still love the view from the inside.

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