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Light Up your Room with Decorative Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom presents a unique situation for lighting. You want adequate lighting, but nothing overbearing or unattractive. Fortunately, lighting fixtures are one area where there is a very large selection for the consumer to choose from. Take a look at the following options.

Overhead lighting. In a bedroom, you have several choices as to your main lighting source. You can install a main overhead light in the center of the room and then add accompanying task lighting throughout the rest of the room. There are basic flush mount fixtures, models that suspend according to the height of the ceiling. A ceiling fan with a light fixture is a popular lighting source that brings inexpensive air control along with a light.

Recessed lighting. You can also opt just to have subtle lighting without an obtrusive overhead light. Recessed lighting is a great way to achieve this. Recessed lights are a popular, attractive, and subtle form of overhead lighting. These allow for strategic placement and work well with raised or vaulted ceilings. You can even combine them with other forms of lighting as well.

Wall sconces. Wall sconces can be used both as a gentle accent light, or as the main lighting source. Available in several attractive designs, they should be placed at appropriate intervals around the room. Lower-wattage bulbs are better in sconces because they are typically mounted just above eye-level and can be distracting if too bright.

Floor and bedside lighting. Free-standing floor lamps and bedside lighting can be both decorative and functional. Have your electrician install plenty of electrical outlets to allow you to place these lamps wherever you need them. Long cords stretched along the wall aren’t safe or attractive.

Track lighting. Track lighting can be another form of overhead lighting. As with other fixtures, be sure your ceiling is high enough to support them. A note of caution, track lighting has been used for many years and can appear dated if not used tastefully. It must be placed just right to present a modern feel instead of an outdated look.

With such a vast selection to choose from, buying your lighting fixtures can be a fun experience and you are sure to find just the right look to fit your décor. Go shopping and then request a free estimate from a professional electrician.

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