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The Inviting Appeal of Custom Archways

Arches in architecture have been used in building designs for centuries. In modern home construction, their structural strength has been all but eliminated; for sheer beauty, an archway can be stunning. An arch at your front entryway can add an inviting appeal to your property, while an archway inside can open a floor plan up and draw an invitation from one room to the next.

Most archways come in kits and can be easily installed with correct measurements. Choose the style for your home design, the size desired and the best place of construction; in no time at all, you will have a masterpiece. An exterior archway for an entry can be installed as easily as hanging a door or installing a window. If you are not up to the task of a little construction work, you will want to consult a contractor to help get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Customizing an archway basically takes knowing what style you want. Here are some considerations that could lead to some great ideas in your plans for the project.

  • Roman archways can still be found standing in the Coliseum after hundreds of years, attesting to the design’s strength in its semi-circle shape.
  • Syrian archways are shaped in the form of an eyebrow with a slightly rounded, subtle point in the middle.
  • Tudor arches are often referred to as a flattened Gothic arch because they have less of a point at the top, but are wider than a Gothic arch would be.
  • Gothic archways commonly frame about half the length of an entryway and have a narrow pointed opening. The design can still be seen in cathedrals of the Middle Ages, including Notre Dame in Paris.
  • Moorish arches are called Horseshoe arches and resemble the shape and contour of a horseshoe.
  • Flat archways are sometimes called Jack arches or Straight arches, simply because their design is a straight horizontal piece that runs directly on top of the entryway.

Modern archways tend to be a combination of several components from these traditional designs, but you can custom make what suits your home and complement your exterior or interior design. Be sure to consult a designer to help with the more specific details and a contractor for the construction work.

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