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Getting Cozy in Your Large Space

Some friends of mine recently decided to get out of town. They wanted to go rural and so decided on buying an old barn and make it their new home. They loved the open space it provided, the freedom from that crowded feeling. After a few renovations to make it actually livable, they set out making it into a cozy home. They soon discovered that it wasn’t easy to feel cozy and comfy just by filling the space with the furniture they had. They did end up consulting an interior decorator for help, and I might suggest you do the same. But if you want to start out on your own and give it a go, here are a few suggestions to get you started in the right direction.

Have a plan and determine how your room will function. Create sections or areas in the room, such as a place for conversation, reading, relaxing, or games and entertainment. The idea is to partition the room in such a way that’s invisible or apparent. Place your furniture as if you had walls already surrounding the area. Large pieces of furniture can act as dividers, and keep each grouping balanced with smaller pieces. Do not be afraid to use a large piece of furniture, such as an armoire or high-backed chair as a dividing piece. It will fit just fine given the size of the room overall. Avoid the temptation to place your furniture against the walls that do exist.

Facilitate visual separation with area rugs, instead of solid flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting, to your groupings. The borders of the rugs break up the spaces and further create a parameter for each grouping. Incorporate existing architectural treatments: columns, headers, or flooring types. Working within these natural borders of the room will keep it flowing for traffic and fool the eye into seeing partitions. Other dividing objects could include decorative screens or tall plants.

Use similar or coordinating styles of colors, fabrics, and accessories. You want your room to have transitional elements defining each area, and yet, blend each of those areas with your style and character. Create a focal point for each area to draw attention to that particular space. Wall art, tapestries, even the rug in that space could do this task. Avoid mirrors, though, especially if they should face and reflect a window or a light source. If you choose a mirror, have it reflect a favorite piece of art, possibly.

Most important in any room, are the style and color choices, especially to a larger room. Darker shades should be preferred here for definition and coziness. Warm colors add richness to the room; blues and greens give a more relaxed feeling. Consider your particular style of decor when choosing your color schemes.

Lighting is very important. Too much light will reverse the effect you are looking for, so keep your lighting choices centered to each space, using a lower, dimmed table or standing lamps. Any track lighting should be for focal points: a piece of art, stairways, or dark corners.

With a little planning and imagination, you can turn your large room into a warm and cozy area of living and entertainment for yourself, family, and friends. Be sure to check out our websites for more ideas and any help we may be able offer.

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