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Decorating Corner Spaces

Corner spaces are easy to decorate effectively. It’s surprising how many great solutions there are for creating visual appeal, utilitarian functionality, or both.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from an article about corner spaces on Casa Sugar: “According to feng shui, the Chinese art of arranging objects, furniture, and homes to create the best flow of energy, corners are said to create ‘secret arrows,’ which can cause anxiousness. Whether or not you believe in feng shui, corners can be rather harsh points in a room, and it’s best to soften them.”

If you look around your own home, you’ll probably discover that you have placed things in corners simply because these spaces seem to call for “something.” Here are some of the most common – and effective – solutions for decorating corner spaces:

A Chair

A cushy, upholstered armchair with a side table and lamp is a great way to utilize a corner in a large living or family room. This treatment creates some privacy for reading, knitting, or taking some time out, and yet it’s still connected to the larger flow of the room and its activities.

A rocking chair with soft cushions and a blanket draped over the back is a perfect solution for a nursery corner. It will invite frequent use and give little ones a sense of comfort, especially when they are not being held and rocked to sleep.

What about a wonderful garage sale find of an oddball chair that’s too interesting to pass up! You know the ones – they are usually smallish, made of wood or metal, and easy to refurbish with orange oil or spray paint. These are great in bathroom corners or other small rooms where a practical place to put things is needed.

A Plant

Tall plants in containers are effective, whether they are real or artificial. Add uplighting or string lights to illuminate the plant – and the corner space – at night.

An orchid on a pedestal is an elegant and dramatic solution. Add some artwork and illuminate with picture lights or a pair of sconces.

Hang a basket of draping foliage in a corner. This can give the softness of leaves and wicker, and leave the floor space underneath free for shelving, an antique trunk angled across the corner, or a pet’s cozy bed.

A corner space can be decorated to be inviting or dramatic, functional or strictly for show. When you follow the needs of your lifestyle and stay true to your overall decorating preferences, your corner treatments will round out your rooms in ways that enhance your home’s comfort and beauty.

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