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Concept Photo Furniture by Joseph Heidecker

Joseph Heidecker is one of those “found art” artists that other creatives seem to most enjoy. “I like to use discarded, found materials things that seem useless, from flea markets and thrift shops, to help provide another layer of mystery,” Heidecker said.

Photo furniture

Would that I were the type of person who could hit a garage sale, find a table, spend hours collecting tiny photographs and days pasting them so precisely as to create a visually pleasing piece of furniture artwork. But I’m no more that person than the type who gets up at 5:00 a.m. to jog before work.

Photo furniture

As for the “layer of mystery,” I’d have to agree. I can’t help but think that if I owned these nifty little side tables, I would constantly be wondering who these people are. It would be weird enough to have, say, my friend Shannon, or an old high-school crush, or that guy who got caught doing something a little too educational in the boy’s room hanging out in my apartment every day… but who knows what these people have done?

Photo furniture

While you and I didn’t make the cut for the outside of the furniture (or did we?), what I wouldn’t mind is hiding inside a piece en route to client Benicio Del Toro’s house, who owns work from another collection.

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