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Common Causes of Fire and Preventative Measures

Winter is here, and with it comes cold weather that necessitates heating our homes with some form of fuel. Whether it is electrical, natural gas, propane, or wood, each method brings a fair amount of fire danger. There is not much need to worry, but you should make sure you have a few safety measures in place.


Heating sources are one of the biggest fire dangers during wintertime. Chimneys can get a build-up of soot which can catch fire. Sparks can also blow out of wood stoves and fireplaces. Gas leaks are another culprit of fire danger. Be sure to report any foul-smelling odors right away, and leave the house immediately as this can indicate a gas leak.

Another large culprit of fires is Christmas trees. As the tree dries out and the lights are left on, the lights become hot and can ignite the tree. If yours is still up and the leaves are dry, try not to leave your lights on when you are not home and to turn them off often to allow them to cool down. If you are relying on space heaters, resist the temptation to leave them on throughout the night. Look for radiator oil-heaters, as these are much safer. During the winter, we tend to tax our electrical wires more. With shorter daylight hours and cold temperatures, we are drawing far more electricity than usual. If your home has old or faulty wiring, it can lead to fires.

Preventative Measures

It is very important to make sure you have a smoke alarm in every room. Try to buy carbon monoxide detectors as well. This is a silent killer than can sneak up unexpectedly. House sprinklers are another safety feature you can install. These used to only be used in commercial applications, but are beginning to be included in residences as well. Although sprinkler systems will not prevent fires, they can quickly snuff one out if it starts. Sprinklers and fire alarms can help to reduce your insurance rates as well.

Make sure your family is protected this winter season by implementing some of these simple precautionary steps. Request free estimates from prescreened electrical contractors in your area today.

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