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Color Combinations for the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal space, especially for parents looking to relax after a long day of work and family. It is a refuge for most of us, not to mention the one room in the house where you inevitably get a good and frequent look at the ceiling. So choosing a color combination for the bedroom is more important than you might think. These paint colors will have at least some effect on how you go to sleep at night and how you wake in the morning.

With that in mind, it becomes obvious that whatever color combination you choose for the bedroom should be a reflection of your personality. For instance, if you are very extroverted, active, or even a little compulsive, you might choose a light blue as a base color. Blue is widely known as a color that induces relaxation, freshness, and a cool feeling upon waking in the natural light. Now combine that blue with white trim, moldings, and other accents plus pale green or bright yellow. Such color combinations are great for folks who feel somewhat cramped or caged all day (say in an office or cubicle) because they invoke a breezy afternoon on the lakeshore or at the park.

Other homeowners might feel more relaxed with a feeling of closed-in privacy or a sense of solitude that is lacking from nine to five and beyond. In this case you could take that pale green and take a few tints darker and combine it with browns, tans, golds, or bronze. These colors are equally relaxing for those who want a more intimate feel in the bedroom. Keep in mind that color combination in the bedroom apply to everything from the paint on the walls to the color of the bedspread.

Again, these suggestions are just that, suggestions. Bedroom colors, and the tone of the entire home, should represent your personality, collectively as a family in common areas and more personally in the bedrooms. Therefore, use these and other ideas as inspiration, but be sure to go to the local paint store to check out color palettes and combinations or take your search online. Most major paint manufacturers have online tools to help you choose color combinations. Sherwin-Williams, for example, has an excellent color visualizer that allows you to choose a room similar to your own and drag and drop paint colors onto walls and fabrics so that you can virtually see your bedroom come together.

Another factor that may influence bedroom color combinations is daylighting. For a bedroom with skylights, large south-facing windows, or other inlets for natural light, keeping the bedroom colors light and bright will reflect that sunshine around the room, lessening the need for heat and electric lighting and saving a few bucks each month as well.

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