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True Green Blue Jean: 5 Clever Uses for Old Denim

Most of us pay homage to Levi Strauss on a daily basis. And we probably have a few favorite pairs of jeans that, well, you can tell are favorites by the worn spots, stains and gaping, revealing holes. But when you’re finally able to part with the dear pair, you can easily turn your blue jeans green by finding a new way to use them.

Come to my house and you’ll find a large pile of old blue jeans awaiting their final destination. One pair of rear jean pockets just became pen and pencil organizers for my son’s school locker. He cut them out, leaving an inch or so around the pocket, and stuck them to the inside of his locker door with magnets. Now he’s got spare writing implements anytime he needs them (without having to scramble to the bottom of the treacherous heap that already graces his locker and book bag).

Of course, there are thousands of things you can do with old blue jeans.

Here are 5 clever uses for household repairs and projects (and, please, share your awesome ideas with us, too):

#1 - Insulation - Soak cut-up strips of blue jeans in borax and water. Stuff into gaps in your home’s framing. The material will dry and become a reliable fire-retardant, insect-repellent and mildew-resistant insulation.

#2 - Faux Finish - You can use denim to create unique textures when painting walls. Simply press the fabric into the paint to make a denim print, or roll across the wall for a worn, rustic appearance.

#3 - Ladder Guard - Cut off large sections of the jeans and tie or tape them around the tops and/or bottoms of ladder legs to prevent them from marring your floors, walls or exterior siding.

#4 - Heating Pad - And when you’re all done with that manual labor, you can cut off a one-foot section of a leg bottom from a pair of jeans, sew one end shut, fill it with rice and sew the top as well. You now have a microwaveable heating pad for soothing tired and achy muscles. Just be sure that the section of jeans you’re using doesn’t have any metal on it.

#5 - Unique Quilt - Cut up jeans into squares and place a patch, permanent marker drawing or embroidery on the squares and sew them together for a one-of-a-kind bedspread.

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