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Choosing Your Office Decor

There are three key points to designing your office: painting, lighting, and decorating. Bright lighting and vibrant paints are common traits of the home office. While paint allows for a good deal of creativity, there are only so many paint colors and workable combinations. It is equally true that there are only so many pieces of office furniture and accessories, but the combinations are nearly endless. You can paint and repaint, or change a million light bulbs, but personality, inspiration and creativity all stand out best through your office decor. Therefore, the first step in choosing your office decor is to…

Make It Yours.

Whatever you do don’t let your own office feel foreign. Many people spend years in sterile offices with plain white walls, grey composite desks, and three cubicle walls before ever getting the chance to decorate their own office. If this is your chance, don’t fall prey to tradition. If you love that ratty old office chair that belonged to your great grandfather then use it. If it’s fluorescent pink and orange walls that motivate you, then go for it.

Do remember that an office should be an active and motivational environment. Now that doesn’t mean it should be four walls and a desk, but that also means beanbag chairs and a hookah might also be a poor choice.

It’s Alive.

Adding some life to your office—plants, fish, reptiles—can do wonders for personal morale. Plants help keep the air fresh, stress level down, and your spirit high. Not to mention the fact that it is therapeutic to water plants or feed fish. Somehow it clears the mind and facilitates focus.

Frame It In.

Friends. Family. Travel. Memories. Goals. Whatever can be fit in a frame and inspires you, is worth a chance on your wall or desktop. It could be your spouse or children, or perhaps a place you wish to go—the myth and magic of Stonehenge or the vast wild of the Amazon.

It’s What You Do.

As much as your office is about who you are, it is also where you do that voodoo that you do so well. And there’s no sense in denying that. What sets your ambitions alight? Say you are a screenwriter, then who’d be surprised to find some film posters on your office wall? Or an anthropologist. School teacher. Web publisher. Even salesperson. Whatever your path and whatever your passion, it should start and stop in your home office.

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