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Cute Nursery Decorations for Cheap!

Having a baby is usually synonymous with having lots of stuff. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff that starts showing up at your doorstep once you bring that bundle home from the hospital. If you’re clever, though, you can design a great nursery that any infant would be proud to call home - all with little or no money.

Found-Object Mobiles

Mobiles are tremendously easy to make. Comb your home for small, bright objects that would look great hanging from the ceiling in your nursery. Small fake birds like the ones you see in wreathes are a good choice, or perhaps colorful doll clothes or tiny toy planes. Use your imagination.

Dresser-Turned-Changing Table

Nursery decor

Changing a wriggling baby can be difficult. But changing an old dresser into an attractive changing table is easy. The key to a good changing table is height. If you already have a waist-high dresser, consider moving it into the nursery. If you don’t, look for them at thrift stores, yard sales or other inexpensive outlets. You can leave the dresser as is, or paint or refinish it to fit the style of your nursery. Top it with a changing pad and voila!

Homemade Wall Stickers

Nursery decor

Shelf paper makes great wall décor. Trace the outline of some attractive, yet simple designs onto the back of your shelf paper and cut them out. You can stick them to the walls for fun and colorful art. You can go with a theme or just have a few random pieces. Objects like farm animals, sea creatures or vehicles make great décor for the nursery.

Postcard Wall Quilt

Nursery decor

Instead of purchasing framed art, you can easily transform colorful postcards or unframed art into a wall quilt. All you have to do is fix a few lengths of twine to the wall, staggered about a foot in height. Hang your postcards from the twine with clothespins. The result is a colorful display as wide and tall as you like, both unique in nature and awesome to look at.

Tiny Tableau

Nursery decor

Of course, baby isn’t the only one who’ll be spending time in the nursery. You might want a display that catches your eye, too. A corner table and chair set up for reading baby to sleep in his or her own room is a great idea, and you can use the table to provide soft lamp light by which to read. The table can double, though, as the platform for a nostalgic tableau. Set up memorabilia from trips your family has taken, souvenirs loved ones have brought home, and of course, a photo of you having fun.

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