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Ceiling Medallion Ideas

Often we don’t look at the large spaces just above our heads as a space that could add a whole new aesthetic appeal with as simple an accent as a ceiling medallion. What is a ceiling medallion? Used for centuries by the ancient Greeks, Victorian English, and 19th Century America, ceiling medallions were originally carved from wood, formed from plaster, or styled from metal and installed with chandeliers to protect ceilings from candle burns.

Materials and Styles

Today, if your budget allows, metal medallions of brass, copper, and stainless steel are available, adding an exceptional and stunning architectural accent. Or, medallions can be custom made from plaster designs to refurbish original architecture. For the more practical budget, they are available in a wide variety of styles, from the simplest of shapes and design to flowing curves, floral patterns, or the more traditional Greek elegance. When made from polyurethane or polymer, they are lightweight, durable, inexpensive, and easy to install with finishing nails and adhesive.

Decoration throughout the Home

Although medallions are most popular in formal spaces, such as a dining room, foyer, or living room, they can be used to carry a theme throughout your entire home when coupled with a decorative finishing like cornices, crown moldings, and ceiling rings. They range is size from four inches to as large as 70 inches and larger in diameter. Most come in white and can be installed as such, but using your imagination and decorative flair, they can be painted or embellished to coordinate and highlight any feature or style you wish. Medallions are fairly easy to install; a one-day decorating project according to DIY, but it is recommended that you hire an electrical professional for heavier plasters or metals for safety reasons. These DIY websites have step by step instructions and pictures for installing ceiling medallions:

DIY Network and DominoMag.

Medallion Ideas

With the many possibilities of styles, sizes, and designs of ceiling medallions, there are just as many other uses and decorating ideas besides the extension of a chandeliers’ elegance. Of course, they can extend from the base of any pendant-type lighting fixture, such as one centered over a kitchen island or butcher block. They can even add a more pleasing appeal to a ceiling fan. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch and expand on other possibilities. Here are some ideas to get your started:

  • Use them in the same way you would on the ceiling for a pair of sconces on the wall.
  • Illuminate the facets of the bathroom for an Old World depth.
  • Accent a window frame by attaching directly on the frame at the top corners and hang a swag or loose shear fabric for a dramatic look.
  • Use several sizes and designs, painted to fit your room’s decor, and arrange on the wall as a focal point.
  • Use medallions with larger center openings as pictures frames.
  • Circle medallions or mitered pieces can easily transform a plain mirror into a stunning centerpiece for any room.

Can’t make such a bold statement to the house you live in? Use simple wallpaper on the ceiling, whether you have a chandelier or not. Just think how easy, fun, and dramatic a change that project could become.

The Arctel Collection offers some wonderful ideas, products and information for the simple to ornate of ceiling medallions along with accessories. From this site, you could get some other great ideas for ceiling medallions. When you do, send them our way, we would love to hear how you gave your empty space an aesthetic appeal with Ceiling Medallions.

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