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Building Considerations for Indoor Swimming

Adding an indoor swimming pool to your home can be a great luxury. Indoor pools provide great exercise, increase the value of your home, and allow you to do laps when there’s a foot of snow on the ground.

The indoor pool can be built in the sunroom or garage or anywhere that has a level cement floor. Here’s how to make sure the indoor pool is a splash. Be aware that two major building projects are underway. The pool is one project and the enclosure around it is the other; sometimes these simultaneous tasks become confusing and end up suffering because of it.

Nevertheless, here are two things to be aware of as you get underway with construction of the indoor swimming pool.

Ventilation System – A Must-Have

This system needs to be on the top of your list. Without proper ventilation of the indoor pool, damage can be done to walls and molding. Water damage on walls can lead to cracking and eventual deterioration. Waterproofing interior walls with a combination of tile, green board, and oil based paints should eliminate any possible water damage or mold.

Existing Structures, Take Them Into Consideration

It’s wise to consider the infrastructure of the rest of your house. Builders should take into consideration the homes plumbing and wiring before adding an additional structure.

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