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Modern Beds by Blu Dot

I sleep in a pretty modest bed. Queen. Extra firm. Decent. But after taking a look at some of these beds, all of that may change. These beds are amazing. One company, with the unpretentious name of Blu Dot, is starting a revolution in the sleepy market of bed manufacturing. Here are our top 5 Blu Dot beds.


They call it the Dodu. Don’t ask us why. It’s an any-size bed with a king-size feel. The massive headboard is more than just a cool decorating schema. It’s soft and plushy, too. That means sitting up in bed is no longer a pain in the back. It is covered with delightful felt finish and comes in several colors (aqua blue, wheat, charcoal). The bed features an ultra-low profile, so it’s easy to get into it, out of it, and around it.

The Keetsa Cloud

Blu dot keetsa cloud mattress

This bed has everything to recommend it. It’s just effusing with green. First off, it uses Bio-Foam, which has the eco-friendly ingredients of castor bean oil and green tea. The fabric cover is woven from bamboo and wool. True to form, the mattress lacks VOCs. It’s as safe as you can get. But it’s comfy, too. High-density memory foam tops this mattress, giving you the ultimate good night’s sleep.


Blu dot nook bed

Svelte and deceptively diminutive, the Nook is a bed whose beauty is in its nothingness. Absolute simplicity decorate its ever feature—from the stainless legs to the eye-catching angle of the headboard, to the slender gracefulness of the base. The nook uses a padded frame and an upholstered finish to meld wonderful comfort into a stunningly beautiful design. It comes in the attractive colors of chalk, dark roast, and guacamole.

One Night Stand

Blu dot sofa

We picked this one because we liked the fact that it was a sleeper sofa that looked cooler than a non-sleeper sofa. With a low profile and comfy back support, it makes for a marvelous sofa.

Blu dot sofa bed

Lo and behold, a quick snap of the wrist pulls out an unbelievable bed (queen size, mind you). The unique design of the One Night Stand allows for the sofa cushions to double as bed pillows. Talk about economizing. The One Night Stand is the way to go.


Blu dot modulicious

I think I understand what the name suggests. Modern. Delicious. Module. You get the idea. Think of it as a handheld device. It looks cool and doubles as a multi-use gadget. This bed looks cool and doubles as your wardrobe. The Modulicious bed has huge drawers (six of them) a stunning walnut headboard, and a sleek design to boot. It comes in just about every color and wood species you could wish for. Its virtue lies in the fact that it eliminates the need for a closet or dresser. Almost.

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